Nokia X7 spotted in a promotional video, sporting a newer Symbian UI


In the zone
Close on the heels of the Nokia's Symbian event to be held on April 12th in London, a promotional video from service provide, Three, UK, is doing the rounds of YouTube. This video reportedly features Nokia X7 sporting the new Symbian user interface. The Nokia X7 has the same 4-inch display clear-black display as the E7, a new browser and support for QWERTY keypad in the portrait mode. According to Nokia's claim, the browser is expected to be about three times faster than the present browser. ...

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Peak Oil is real!
We will find out about the new Symbian UI in the next 2 days... I hope its better than the current one... They should borrow widgets, notifications idea from Android and cards multitasking system from WebOS.


it will be good if they do it. I love multitasking in webos. And bb tablet os, has same leaves as webos. But how could they have it all. Atleast android like widgets should be present for me
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