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I have Windows 98 SE installed as OS on my computer.

I recently installed "Nokia PC Suite v5.62" on my computer. After installation & restarting the computer, the PC Suite created it's own system folder in "My Computer" named "Nokia Phone Browser". After sometime, I uninstalled the PC Suite using it's own uninstaller.

The problem is that after uninstallation & restarting the computer, "My Computer" still shows a system folder but without a name. I can't either access it or delete it. If I try to create a shortcut to it, it shows me a message that "Windows could not create the shortcut. Check to see if the disk is full."

I even reinstalled the PC Suite & restarted the system. The "Nokia Phone Browser" system folder came back in place of blank system folder in "My Computer". But after uninstalling the PC Suite, the blank system folder again came back in place of "Nokia Phone Browser" system folder in "My Computer".

I want to remove this unnamed, inaccessible & useless system folder from "My Computer" & I don't want to format my hard drive.

Kindly help.

Gaurav Goyal


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Hummmm....Well If u said that When u again installed the Pc Suite Software and the folder was restored normally then try deleting it At that time by pressing Shift+Delete.....and then try uninstalling...if it fails then delete the Pc Suite Software Manually....theres no particular harm in it.....or if everthing else fails Use the Good Old Drive Formatting....but be sure to keep the back up ok...... :D


this is a system folder....

there must be a registry entry for it with name Nokia...
i am not at home and PC Suite is not installed in my office so cannt give exact location of registry...

search a little in registry or wait for some1 to give exact location..


But still....

But still yo gotta get the reply fully.:lol:
Goto hkey_classes_root and serch for the name using f3 and then delete
the key..Thaz how yo do it 8)


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