Nokia N8 Battery query



I plan to buy Nokia N8 handset very soon but some1 told me that N8's battery is not detachable.
Is that the case?

Also, does it still have hanging probs. still after Anna update?

Pls. reply soon..


To be frank, after a Belle update that phone crash rarely. In fact i have an E7-00.

Yes, you are true. The battery is not accessible to end user or end customer.

But why not, some other phones like HTC Desire HD - 19k [Price drop recently.]


Fluidic design!!!
Yes, the battery is non removable.
Removing the battery by yourself will void the warranty.
After Anna update hanging issue has reduced drastically. You can go ahead with N8 if you don't care about the OS.
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Thanks for the replies!

Actually, I need Total Recall software (automatic call recording) primarily and i have used dat on a regular basis on Symbina platform.. Dat's why going for Symbian. Dis is the only reason to choose Symbian.. Else I also want Android.. :)

Any solution for my prob?

I mean Total Recall or any other working software (for the same purpose) is available in Android 2.3??
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