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Nokia Lumia 710 @ 15.7K


I was in the dilemma of getting either the Omnia W, or Lumia 710. Finally settled for Omnia W because of SAMOLED, and better, sleeker looks (according to me). Got the Omnia for 15.8k from eBay. That is a great price. :)

However, Lumia has Nokia Drive, which is great. Also the video capture is better on the Lumia.
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it depends on your usage, if you use gps, go for nokia , as nokia drive is much better

otherwise the omnia gives you superamoled but omnia does not have a gorilla glass, where as lumia 710 does


I used to believe that too. But then I got this link somewhere. And btw, for the GPS Navigation, I installed gMaps (Free edition) and it does everything (apart from voice-guided navigation). There are plenty of other apps for that too. So am not really missing out on too much that Nokia has to offer. :)
I believe Omnia W should be preferred because of the gorgeous Super AMOLED, better battery, and better looks. :)


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Yesterday, I tried to upload a video taken on Samsung Focus (WP 7.5) directly to Youtube... but failed. No way to do that...

No way to attach videos to emails either...

No way to upload videos to Facebook or Whatsapp messenger...

Big problems with WP7. Hope the next update (Apollo, Tango) might make this OS more usable...


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There is a custom rom released for focus and earlier omnia, awesomeness is that supports both the android and ios apps but the customization is limited unlike the android,things are really heating for wp7,competition really started between mobile is,let's watch who emerges as winner,

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The Indian crowd prefers "Nokia" more as a brand when compared to Sony ..
The price cut might give some boost to the sales of Nokia Lumia 800..
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Originally posted by y2karthik
Price cut of lumia 800 gonna affect samsung and htc wp.

Yeah Windows Phones of other brands are definitely going to suffer with this price cut..
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