Nokia e61i Nokia e90 SE W960i

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Hi guys, i want to buy a new phone again for me.

My top list are:-

Nokia e61i
Nokia e90
SE W960i

Now guys i have excluded Nokia N95..because...only because of its poor Batttery life.

1>I like Nokia e61i as it is fully loaded but doubt about its performance, i mean about the system response.

2>personally i like e90, cuz it does have everything. A large screen, qwerty key pads, 3.5mp cam.....But a heavy one...No probs.

3>The latest walkman phone W960, dunno about its performance other than its specification.

Please let me know all your Opinion and Price for above phones.

Thank you all:)


I'd go against your decision and suggest you N95. It's really the best. Battery life is a problem only if you use stuff like 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc. alot, which i doubt you'll do.


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Yep go for the n95.. it has a new firmware coming along wich ll optimise battery performance...
other than that w960 is also a great fone..


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Ok then as you say guys i will go for n95. Ok by the way what is the price of Nokia e90. And when will Sony Ericsson w960i will be available and expected price.
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