1. soyab0007

    Nokia E61i & Nokia 5610Xm

    1. Nokia E61i 15 months old phone is in very good condition , minor scratches on the edge of the phone. Accessories:charger,2gb micro sd,handsfree and data cable Price Rs 6500 PHONE SPECIFICATIONS http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_e61i-1858.php 2. Nokia 5610 Xpress Music there is...
  2. soyab0007

    Nokia E61i for Sale

    I want to sell my nokia E61i. Purchased second hand. Condition is good,only small scratch on the edge of the phone which is understandable.... Accessories: charger,handsfree,data cable & 1gb micro sd. Stay at mumbai reason for selling: i want to purchase graphics card for my pc.. Price Rs 7000
  3. amitabhishek

    Nokia E61i

    I am willing to sell my Nokia E61i for Rs. 7000. Since I am in Mumbai I would prefer a local buyer. I picked this phone in Aug '08. The phone is in good condition and I have all the accessories that comes with the original equipment.
  4. P


    any good? Suggestions welcome:D
  5. R

    Playing videos on E61i

    Can any 1 pls tell me how can I watch flash videos shown on different web sites like santabanta.com on nokia E61i through web or opera mini ?
  6. R

    Wifi for phone - Nokia E61i vs 62

    Hi, 1. Anyone who can explain the differences between Nokia E61i and E62 besides the camera and wifi? 2. Could anyone enlighten on how useful is Wifi in a phone? Is it of much practical use? Thanks in advance Ramesh
  7. R

    E61i vs E51

    I want to know who mobile is best E51 or E61i. please help me. :( I am waiting. :sad:
  8. hailgautam

    Diff in 3g and EDGE

    I know the basic diff, but i wanted to why is that 3g phones do not support EDGE? I had a SE P1i till last week and it would not work on MO-GPRS/EDGE. I called the call center but you know how hopeless they are - good for nothing useless salesmen. After few days of trouble shooting - I...
  9. VideoEditingIndia

    What's your openion about Nokia E62

    Hi, I am looking for a good QWERTY phone and in a dilemma bw E62 and E61i. I already have a SE 810i, so I don't interested in E61i Camera feature. My main use of this phone will be to Browse the net. Do you recommend E62 for me, Can I go for it? Whats your openion about it comparing to...
  10. shashank4u

    Bought Nokia e61i..Need help with configuring its Wi-Fi

    Hi guys after much consideration and waiting i finally bought e61i for myself. The phone is brilliant in all respects and is worth of its price. I bought it in Rs 16,750/-(Agra) I ve searched the net for many hours but couldn't find the solution for configuring its wifi. I ve installed...
  11. Pravas

    Nokia e61i Nokia e90 SE W960i

    Hi guys, i want to buy a new phone again for me. My top list are:- Nokia e61i Nokia e90 SE W960i Now guys i have excluded Nokia N95..because...only because of its poor Batttery life. 1>I like Nokia e61i as it is fully loaded but doubt about its performance, i mean about the system...
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