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Nokia 6681 vs. 6630

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OK so now I am confused between these two Nokias : 6681 & 6630.
Which one do you suggest [considering the price difference] and what are their approx. prices? Also is there any other good mobile in this range?


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Well for one 6630 doesn't have IR and radio. Dunno about 6681. So, if you need any of them forget 6630. But, 6630 is value for money phone nonetheless. Its a good choice for low budget symbian phone.


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6630 is good value for money at current price which quiet good being low.
You can take 6681 .. if price difference is no worry, bcozit has Flash for camera.
Camera of both are ok, being same 1.3MP
But 6681 keys are bad, keys of 6630 are excellent easy to use,
Neither of them have a FM.

If need FM take SE W550i, or K750i

Choose ur self. If you need FM take SE.

But you can wait & see these two models Nokia3250, & Moto ROKR E2.

3250 is a mutimedia phone .. answer to walkman series of SE. But I think they are very late.

The same thing from Moto with Rokr E2. this phones has a special diffentiation that It has inbuilt 3.5mm Jack for head phones.
its a very good phone .. Canera is good, Screen is excellent.

So choose yourself buddy.



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First, I don't need FM, I don't need IR and no SE coz I wanna try Symbian.
Gdatuk, whats the current price of N70? Is it comparable to 6681?
Do 6681 & 6630 have same version of Symbian [I know both have S60] & Bluetooth?


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if u dont need FM..then u can go for 6681....
6681 and 6630 have diff version of symbian...
6681 and N70 has the same version and they are same...check compay site for exact version number..
IR is absent in any of these phones...
6681 design is more business like compared to washing machine design of 6630..(lol)
current price am not sure..check indiagsm.com...


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What's the price for Nokia 3250 and how is the phone?
Come-on people... which phone?


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6681 costs 14500 while N70 costs 20700(last week prices in mum). biggest adv of n70 over 6681 is tht it has 2mp cam and radio. the dual cam is of no use in india, at least presently as 3G isn't there and no operator is ready to introduce it. 6681 is really gud. the OS is really fast n nearly al the applications i've put have worked. so now its upto u.


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6681 and 6630 have diff version of symbian...

6681 and N70 has the same version and they are same...check compay site for exact version number..

Well ... 6630 and 6681 have the same os ... Symbian Series 60 OS8 v2.. ... N70 has Series 60 OS8 v3. ....

Out of 6630 and the 6681 ... i'd say the 6630 ...


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i AM ALSO confused between 6630 and 6681. I have got a sparingly used 6681 (8 months NOKIA warranty left) for 2 days to try from a friend. So new 6630 is for 11500 and this 6681 is for 12000.

I haven't used 6630, in fact this is going to be my first mobile.
I find following differences as said on various sites

1.6630 is "faster" coz, it has only 65k colour screen, while 6681 has 262k colours. But everyone says, the more colours of 6681 do not feel to naked eyes.
2.6681 has flash. Is the flash so important?
3.Unfortunately I left the USB data cable of 6681 at friend's house only. So i cannot try ne softwares. But i am gonna install lots of softwares and games (esp 3D). Now under this condition, which is faster. I think on paper 6630 is faster.

I found following review on some site, it says 6681 can't run 3D games. Is it true?. Plz check. Also there r many mistakes like 6681 has FM radio at one place and then in next para 6681 doesn't.

I have only 1.5 days in hand.

"""Hello everybody. I am Sumit. from india.
This is My first detailed review on nokia 6630,3230,6681

** 3230 vs 6630 vs 6681 **
I will discuss these three models in detail and simple language....
may be it will be helpful to u.

** History of my previos handsets **
nokia 2100
nokia 3100
Lg G1800(i have this now also.and i like it)
nokia 6630 (best among all the phones)

my 3 frinds have 3230. i have 6630. and 2 frinds have 6681. i got my 6630 four days ago.after reserching 2 months on the web and reading almost all forums and stuff available on the net. i went for 6630.

** Let us discuss about three phones. which i had considered before buying 6630..

** Processor **
3230 - 104 MHZ (slower)
6630 - 223 MHZ (faster than 3230)
6681 - 223 MHZ

** symbian os **
3230 V7.0
6630 V8.0 bugs fixed. more ability
6681 V8.0

** battery **
3230 BL 5B
6630 BL 5c(best)
6681 BL 5c (" ")

nokia has BL series like bl 1,2,3,4,5
Among them Bl 5 is latest and i think best.

6630 has talktime upto 3 hours(3g on) and 6 hours ( 3g off). enough for everybody..
3230 has talktime upto 11 hours. because its processor is slow. stand by time of all three is almosy same..

3230 best
6630 normal
6681 normal

technically all are same. but 3230 is best according to me.

** mp3 player**
3230 worse... its mono..
6630,6681 strereo and best

** 3D Games **
3230 supported
6630 supported
6681 not supported.. go through other sites and u'll see this.

** phone memory **
more phone memory = more speed.and runs big application also..
3230 6mb
6630 10mb great than others
6681 8mb

**memory card included in pack **
3230 32mb
6630 64mb
6681 64mb

** i recommend to add memory cards of following size for good(bearable) performance and good size **
3230 128mb. since slow proccessor,low ram
6630 512mb required for mp3
6681 512mb "" ""

** assembly **
3230 bad
6630 excellent
6681 excellent
in asia 3230 is manufactured in china. and shiped to asian contries.anyone can see the difference in 3230 it feels like cheap plastic. 6630,6681 are manu.in finland.. and imported to asia.. their build quality is best.

** looks **
according to many people
3230 better
6630 good. bulky.(only negative factor)
6681 best

according to me
i like all three. but 6630 looks great. i am fan of it.and doesnt matter. its trend of big phones :)

** EDGE **
3230 half. only for uploading.
6630 full
6681 full
leave kbps.(b= bit)
we'll consider kBps(B=byte, actual file size is in this format.)

if i leave one big file for downloading then i get
3230 5-6 kBps, 13 to 16 mb per hour
6630 18-20 kBps 50-64mb per hour(by edge. no 3G available in india)
6681 same as 6630
i have tested all on pc. now posting this from 6630 connected to pc.

3230 uopload fast. but download by normal GPRS. so no use for me.

**3G support.** soon will be available in india
much faster than edge

3230 not supported
6630 supported
6681 not supported

** weight **
almost same for all.and doesnt matter much

** Data cable **
3230 not included in pack
6630 included
6681 included
its worth Rs 1200
(RS=India currency. 1$=47 Rs)

** headset included**
3230 normal
6630 grey like nylon. one of the best.
6681 pure white. one of the best.

** typing **
3230 headacke... bit difficult
6630 comparatively better
6681 best

** user interference **
3230 best. as its os is 7.
6630,6681 bit difficult, because more powerful os.and can do more things

** push to talk **
i dont know what is it. and doesnt matter. because no friend of mine uses it
3230 supported
6630 not supported
6681 i dont know

** s60 applications **
3230 most of it works
6630 most of it works
6681 most of them DONT work

** price ** india, 28-march-2006
3230 Rs- 11,100
6630 Rs- 11,650
6681 Rs- 14,500

** hot swap **
dont ask what is it. i know it. but tired of typing...
ok.. its... u can remove memory card withouth shutting phone off. and u dont have to remove cover also.
3230 no
6630 yes
6681 yes

** FM radio **
3230 yes
6630 no
6681 yes
doesnt matter for me.

** CD with software **
3230 no
6630 yes
6681 yes

** conclusion **

( "~~~~~~" = best acc. to me)

3230= 11100+1200(data cable)=12300
6630=11650 ~~~~~~


FM radio
-Better Disply.
-plays all applications,3D games

-full EDGE,
-" 3G "support ,
-best mp3
-battery performance
-build quality,
-very vey fast than previos model 3230
-removable covers
-plays all applications,3D games ~~~~~~

-Solid look,
-big impression on others,
-fm radio,
-battery life.


again ~~~~~~ means better

-lack of " 3G "
-full EDGE
-very slow
-bad mp3
-cheap plastic
-no data cable
-not stable. cant say whaen it is going to hang.

-no FM(doesnt matter for me),
-others find it bulky. but i like it ~~~~~~

-no FM,
-NO 3G,
-No 3D games,
-doesnt play almost all the s60 applications
-not so stable

** Summery **
6630 is the winner. just go and buy it

Guys plz help.
BTW i am buying this phone from my last 2-3 year pocketmoney.


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pickster said:
What's the price for Nokia 3250 and how is the phone?
Come-on people... which phone?
i recently bought it for Rs18500
Great fone!!! and awesome sound quality...
but older symbian apps wont work in it!!! :( :( :( :(


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I am digging a fairly od post here but i got a 6681 last week , and according to these above it doesnt support all symbian softwares ? why

What about 3d games..can you name a few


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get the 6681. i own one and its good. the shape of 6630 is odd too. i got it for 12000 with 128 mb memory card from a pririty dealer in hyd on 18 oct 06


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6630 is future proof yaar
and it really is
if u connect it to ur pc 4 internet u get 480.6 kbps of speed(full network on airtel)
downloads dance from 9-25 kbps
mostly 15kbps
donno abt the 6681
so better use 6630 and be future proof and tease ur friends
(do add/deduct a opinion in my reputation)
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