1. Sridhar_Rao

    location of hotfix files for sp3 slipstreaming

    I am in the process of slipstreaming SP3 into an ISO file using nlite, but I am stuck at insertion of hotfixes and update packs. The automatic updates had downloaded plenty of KB**.exe files and they show up in Add/Remove programs. I want to add these hotfixes in the slipstreaming process, where...
  2. Ponmayilal

    Slipstreaming Vista with SP1

    Here is a tutorial on slipstreaming Vista with SP1, which I used for making Vista Home Premium SP1 bootable DVD and reinstalled the OS for my HTPC.
  3. clmlbx

    slipstreaming wmp 11 on xp sp3 is ok ?

    I means I slipstream ie 7 and then sp3 .........then wmp 11 so will that be ok .......means is there any wmp 11 update in xp sp3 and then it will degrade it............... Is there any sol. to to slipstream wmp 11 before xp sp3.I use nlite and manual slipstreaming after wmp 11...
  4. D

    Slipstreaming Vista SP1

    Please can anyone give a detailed stepwise instruction on slipstreaming Vista SP1 into the main OS.
  5. S

    Slipstreaming doubt

    i have an original windows xp sp1 cd bootable i just wondered after slipstreaming will i have to activate windows again since i can activate my windows only three times and i format my system a lot
  6. D

    Slipstreaming Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Create Bootable

    Was Searching some stuff in google and found this. For Complete Guide:
  7. K

    nLite Users for Slipstreaming help

    Hey guys... who have been using nlite .. i know how to slipstream SP2 via it.. can i use the same meathod to slipstream other downloaded updates patches ??? But if i try to do that it gives me options and a error box.. so i dont think it is possible with the software .. is...
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