New Nokia touchscreen phone leaked!

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In one stroke, the 5800XM and N97 have been rendered outdated by Nokia's next generation touch screen phone. The promo poster of what could be the latest in the line of iPhone killers has been leaked on to the web.


The handset looks like the keypad-less version of the N97 and is definitely intended to beat the 'Jesus phone' at its own game with a better and larger touchscreen supported with more features packed into slimmer chassis. Not to mention it will be powered by Symbian OS and the S60 platform!

Based on the information in the poster, one can only assume that Nokia are bringing multi-touch to the S60 platform and it might be the first device to utilize Nokia's patented touchless interface that can detect and process complex 3D gestures in real time.

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I have to agree with the Photoshop thing and on a funny note, those two statements are quite the double entendres ;)


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^^no its not a fake one..........
Nokia reportedly unveiled this advertisement for an unnamed, next-generation handset at a Capital Markets Day presentation in Brooklyn on Thursday. Little is known about the cellphone other than what the photo reveals, which is a touchscreen that covers nearly the entire face of the handset with no hard buttons visible. The cellphone breaks from Nokia tradition as it forgoes the use of any form of a conventional keypad or keyboard and instead relies nearly entirely on what the phone maker calls a Direct UI interface.

The ad has sparked numerous comparisons of the new handset to Apple's ubiquitous iPhone, which would be a logical competitor. Thus far, the one leg up on the iPhone Nokia is expected to offer with this device is the Direct UI interface that promises to allow gestures to control the handset's operation. Nokia has a patent for such technology,

It's not known whether the released advertisement represents an actual working prototype or an early look at a model soon to be released

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