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Net Send Query

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Hi all,

I have a query abt the net send cmd. I tried the following at my workplace...

we all work under a domain called xyz

so I would be xyz\rakesh and bill gates :)D) would be xyz\bill

however, when i tried sending a msg to my colleague it says user not found on the network.

inspite if the fact that he is logged in and sitting right next to me..

any ideas??



just type net send bill..........where bill is other pc's name or its ip.....no domain name......and also check that messenger service is running on both the pc or not......and also check the firewall if necessary....


Use ipconfig to find the IP address of Bill.
Then try net send xx.xx.xx.xx your message where xx.xx.xx.xx is the ip address of Bill...

it works for me... :)


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here is the format:

IP Address "Message"

message must be in inverted comma. Messenger service has to be enabled in order to receive message. go to administrative tools in control panes > Services > find messenger. Double click it and set startup type to automatic. by default it is disabled.
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