Need to buy speakers with Digital input (s/pdif) support


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I am really a n00b when it comes to speakers and audio gear in general. I have an Xbox One and my old desktop. Currently I use the standard Xbox One headset for the Xbox and a Microsoft chat headset for my PC. While, this is good for gaming I find it increasingly frustrating to watch movies with the headset on and want to shift to a more open entertainment environment with speakers (which also helps if there are others with me in the room to watch).

The XB1 supports only digital audio output via S/PDIF or HDMI (currently connected to my monitor using HDMI->DVI cale). So I would prefer to use the S/PDIF for the speakers and would like it to also have audio input from my PC (aux).
My budget isn't out of the world and I would like if it fits within 5k INR. I don't mind 2.1 output as well.

So my requirements:
  • Digital input
  • Analog input
  • Budget: 5k
  • No constraint on 2.1/5.1
  • Remote is optional (but welcome :D)

Only that the speaker quality be decent enough and support my devices. Please help for the same. Thanks!


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1)The Cheapest good quality speakers i found during my research couple of months back was this Edifier C2XD- Edifier International C2X 2.1 Computer Speaker System.But it exceeds you budget .
2)Another option is you get a digital to analogue converter and hook up any speakers with Aux input.But do remember cheaper DACs does not support Dolby surround sound and neither 5.1 channel.
3)If you have a friend in the USA you can get soundbars with optical input.
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