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Need suggestions for UPS


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My current UPS's battery isn't able to handle the load after power cut and shuts off within 15 seconds. I think the battery has gone bad. Now I want to get a new and better UPS for my PC.

I have 650w PSU and power consumption is around 400-450 watts at load according to my calculations. Assuming that power cut occurs when my system is at full load consuming 450 watts and I want 15-20 min backup time, what are my UPS purchase options? Also, it would be better if you could mention the price as well. :) My budget is 3-4k.



I have an APC UPS 1100 VA which costed me Rs. 4800. It gives me backup of 15-20 minutes on full load. Best part is the after sales service. The service engineer comes at your doorstep and if your UPS is faulty, they replace it with a standby there and then itself. The warranty period is 2 years. IMO, go with APC :)


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@ Op - you can change the battery but it's too old get a new APC 1/1.1 KVA UPS as suggested.
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