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need mail id of some higher rank in airtel

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hi guys,

i am heaving some problem with my airtel bill, i talked to the customer care and some other persons no one is reaponding properly. did any one know the email id or someone high rank in air tell , if yes pls provide me

i'll be thnxfull 2 u



I also have some billing isues, talked to the nodal office, they called me back within 2 hrs. and it seems issue will be resolved soon.

btw, nodal officer's number and email is given on the back of the monthly bill.


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can someone post email of Airtel officer bangalore? I am being charged Rs.2 for local landlines instead of Re.1 on my Airtel prepaid. More than 10 complaints from the past 3 months have been registered with the customer care ppl. I even got text messages confirming my complaint has been resolved but still am getting charged 2rs for landline.


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go to the local airtel office and talk to the manager and he/she will definitely resolve ur problem...
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