need help to use my DVD player in to car

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Dear all
I like to use my passion home DVD player ( USB and divX/Xvid supported) in to my car. it need 12v and 5v DC power. I already removed power supply 220W from player. now i need something which can give me 12v and 5v power.
12v i can get from my car but for 5v what should i do. if this will work then i can make car DVD player in less then 2000/- with USB and Divx/xvid.
in car shop car dvd player cost 6000 to 12000 without usb.
please help


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There is a (Chinese of course) device which convert car voltage to different (lower) voltages. I used it long back. Will try to find it and will post a photo.


OK, it is something like this

Link Here
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