Need help to buy Washing machine


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Hi All,

I am planning to buy a washing machine and preference is for a front-loader. We are looking for two (my parents who stay in Nagpur (sometimes 4 when we go). The usual load - shirts, trousers, bedsheets, pillow covers etc. and the usage would probably be restricted to once a week (twice/trice during holidays).

We had a look at some of the basic models from Bosch and LG in Hyderabad outlet sometime back and looked decent. Shortlisted model from the Bosch stable - a Classixx 5.5 kg 700 rpm model - WAG14080IN, WAX14080IN these model was priced at 27k, 28k back then. However when I went to Nagpur the only dealer in Nagpur (A. K. Gandhi) said don’t buy Bosch as its service is operated through Mumbai and go for LG. Now we are confused as Bosch is one of the top WM makers.
Then we also looked at LG-F1068LDP- Rs. 24K and F1056LDP Rs. 28K
Is anyone using a LG model here? More importantly, I would like to know how good their customer service is.

Many thanks in advance!
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