Need Help In Buying a 1 Ton Split Inverter AC


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Hi, like i mentioned earlier i will be using it only in the summer and very less during other seasons. So will it be enough if go for NEO or ACE model? Although i don't understand the pricing given in bijli website. All 3 are having same price!. How is that possible if all are of different categories?

KASHIKOI 3200I (RAU312AWEA) then.

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Forget bijli bachao. Buy the one with least input power for compressor , anything having below 1400 Watts for a 1.5 ton and below 1000watts for 1 ton is good. Daikin and Hitachi does just that. And by the way my Kashikoi 400i has gone down and Hitachi is dragging it's feet to replace the inverter motherboard ..... Bad Service ? Yes. It's within warranty.
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