1. jackal_79

    Need Help In Buying a 1 Ton Split Inverter AC

    Hi, As the title suggests i am in need of buying one above. I am totally clueless on how to go about selecting. This much i have decided: My room length is 11 * 10 * 10. So i would require a 1 Ton AC It should be an invertor A/C for reduced power consumption. I would not be buying online I...
  2. M

    Which AC among Daikin/OGeneral?

    Budget - max 40k Wish to get among only two brand - Daikin or O General Room size - 17' x 11' x 10' (assuming 1.5T & 3 Star enough). Copper tubing. Better if invertor & stabilizer in built with machine. Wish to buy today. Need urgent suggestion. thanks.
  3. sujeet2555

    invertor problem

    since this day ,voltage in my house is showing 100volts but phase voltage is correct.i found out that the culprit is my microtech 850VA invertor (warraty period off).when i power on the invertor ,voltage in the circuits that are not on the invertor become that much low even without any load on...
  4. maverick786us

    APC Invertors

    Why is there no list of invertors in APC indian website? Have APC stopped supplying invertors? I have replace my old CRAPPY Microtech invertor. I am looking for one which will provide surge protection along with power backup
  5. sujeet2555

    invertor in problem

    i have a microtek invertor 850va with exide inva tubulor it500 battery 150 had been giving good backup till now .i have bought it 3yrs doesn't give a backup of 1 min.i don't know what happened in one night it has the capacity to give 5 hrs now it won't stand for 1min. i...
  6. M

    Full load calculation

    Hello guys i need your help . See i am running the following spec and let me know whats the max wattage at full load pentium d 2.8 cpu intel d945gcl 2gb ddr2 667 kingston 80gb hdd 2tb external 1 linksys wrt120n 17 inch lg lcd monitor max res 1280x1024 HD 5770 1gb gpu CM 600 EXTREME PLUS...
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