Need good psu under 1k for my system



iam going to buy new graphic card hd6570 next month.i have currently crapy oddssey 450 w psu.but it has only 14a on 12+ rail.
so i want to upgrade to new psu under rs 1000.please reccommend me goo local brand psu.i need atleast 20a on 12+rail

my specs:

intel pentium dual core e5700 3.00ghz
intel g41 chipset
4 gb ddr3 ram 1333mhz
500 gb hd(7200rpm)
ati hd 6570 1gb


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VIP 400R - (280W) , 20A on 12V , 3 years warranty - Rs. 550 . I am running this for 2.5 years now. No problems.
OF course I can't say anything about the quality of the inside components, but mera kaam toh nikal diya isne :) .


Yaar, agar iska kampootar hi phuk wana hai, to isko KOOLER MASTAR Xtreme series he bol de :D No, seriously, spend 1-2k, and get a reliable spu, which can serve you even after you upgrade. A very wise admin once said : "There are 2 permanent things in this moh-maya world of computers; the PSU and the Cabinet". Wise words indeed!!!
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get the corsair cx430v2, more value for your money.
also, vs450 is 2k at primeagb

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Yea I suggested the vs450 coz it was more within OPs reach .... If he can extend to 2.6k probably cx430 V2 is the way to go :)
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