1. seamon

    Oxygen Free Cu wire.

    It really makes a difference. I tried some normal wire with my JVC FX 850 and the stock OFC wire. Huge difference. Thoughts?
  2. S

    Confused btwn JVC HAFX101A vs Mi Piston

    I need to buy a good pair of IEM under 1.2k. I have narrowed down to JVC HAFX101A and Piston. Please help me. I need great bass, and good quality and durability overall. Any other suggestions welcome too
  3. H

    [Query] Warranty on JVC Earphones and A.S.S ?

    Cannot find this info anywhere. Anyone got any idea ?
  4. R

    JVC RX700 Broken . Required new Headphone.

    Hello friends. I use JVC RX700 headphone with ASUS Xonar STX sound card,but recently RX700 stop working so i want new headphone. Main use of headphone :- 1.Music 2.Gaming 3.Movies Please suggest me good headphone . My budget is 5000-7000 INR . Thanks & Regards .
  5. R

    Problem With JVC RX700

    Hello Friends ... From last few days facing problem with my JVC RX700 headphone. The problem is , Right side not working as sound is coming but the bass is low compared to the Left side . I tested then on my pc with the Asus Xonar STX sound card also tested them on my Lumia 520 and LG Optimus...
  6. iSh0w

    [For Sale] JVC GRD33 MiniDV Digital Camcorder w/16x Optical Zoom

    closed! closed!
  7. S

    IEMs for 1k

    I need two IEMs each for 1k. One is for my sis an she has already spoiled the two iems she had ( A JVC Marshmallow and another soundmagic ). So i guess she would need something sturdy and with good warrenty. will be using it for music from HTC one V and movies from her sony netbook.She really...
  8. axes2t2

    Pen drive problem - JVC stereo

    I bought a 4gb HP pen drive to plug in to the JVC panel and play music. It worked at first but after transferring some files and formatting it is not being detected by the player. Anyone know why ?
  9. L

    need JVC HA-RX700

    hi, need JVC HA-RX700 in kolkata. how can i get. please reply.
  10. sanoob.tv

    Es 18 vs jvc marsh

    frnds, quick question.have any one used sound magic es 18 earphone before?? how good are they when it comes to sound quality and comfort. n how are they wen compared to jvc marsh.. any help????
  11. S

    iem under 1.5k with good bass.

    Guys i recently bought a JVC marshmallows from pristine note after some good advice from u people. but just gave it to my sis. so am gonna buy a new set and my sis gave me 1.5k for the same. I liked the JVC overall. It was clear and neutral sounding. But i like a little bass driven sound. (but...
  12. S

    need earphones in cochin for Rs 500

    need a balanced earphone/ear bud for Rs 500. actually i need two one for my laptop and the other for a Philips mp3 player. would be buying it from cochin. can u suggest some place where i can get the same. the ones available are 1. sennheiser mx 170 for Rs 490 2. crreative ep-50 for Rs 470 3...
  13. V

    jvc marshmallows in delhi

    Where could i get jvc marshmallows in delhi. Tell about direct purchase not online
  14. S

    FS:30GB Ipod For Sale

    30GB Ipod For Sale. Very Good Condition With Data cable,Charger, JVC Headphone, IPod Speaker. Price Is 6K
  15. joey_182

    Jvc Compact Vhs Camcorder??

    Hey guys.... i have a question here about JVC VHS camcorder as it is VHS so...can u tell me how can i see the video on my pc.... well i connect the audio/video from camcorder to my aux point and i can only hear the sound but i also want to see video... so is it possible?? i mean it shd be...
  16. iMav

    180Hz LCDs .... kick a$$ display

    JVC Builds 180Hz LCD That Makes 120Hz LCDs Look Like Chumps Motion blur is a problem in LCDs, and until now, the best solution was 120Hz processing: double the frames, and the blur tends to subside. JVC looked at the situation and said, if doubling works okay, then how 'bout we triple it...
  17. harish_21_10

    Camcorder help,which of the two...

    HI guys,i am in US right now and planning on buying a camcorder and have come down to two models: SONY DCR SR200 JVC GZ MG555 Help me with them guys and its pretty urgent.And they both costing me the same price of about $600
  18. esumitkumar

    Best car audio system ?

    Hi I have alto LX and I want to buy a new car audio system ..which is the best ? Prices in Gurgaon as follows : 1. Sony Explod 4000 / - without bill 2. JVC 3800/- without bill 3. Pioneer 4400 /- without bill any suggestions are welcome ..thanks
  19. S

    JVC GR-DVL310

    My cousin sister spoiled my brother 's JVC GR-DVL310 's LCD screen. In order to get it replaced I want the lcd part no.( some sort of code of the LCD screen) I could not find it in my brother 's camcoder 's manual. Does anyone know the part no. or code of the lcd screen?? :(
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