Need Advice on Buying a new External HDD.


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Hi there guys. Some of you might have followed my recent thread about buying a new USB 3.0 Flash drive, but for now I have given up the plan and instead I am thinking of buying a new External HDD, once I buy a new HDD I will sell my current Seagate Freeagent Go 500GB. Okay so here are the constraints of my purchase:

1) My father lives in Ukraine so for me it does not matter if a HDD is good and not available here in India, I will ask him to get it for me from abroad. So I want suggestions for HDD's which are available throghout the world, not just India specific.

2) I am looking for an HDD which has USB 3.0 strictly, doesnt matter is its 1TB or 500GB, I can work with both

3) Please suggest me only those HDDs which have international warranty, that means even if I buy a drive from abroad, it should have warranty applicable here in India.

4) Lastly while suggesting me HDD please try to suggest me the ones which have best writing and reading speed, I mean which suggest me the fatest ones, because I don't have much knowledge about that.

5) Budget is not a constraint as such but yes the cheaper, the better is applicable for everyone.

I know I have put up a lot of constraints but thats just so that you can help me better. Thanks in advance everyone.
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