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Need a pair of IEM for 2k or less bucks


not a newbie.....
I have Sony Xperia Mini ST15i. I listen to music only on it on the move. Now, the stock earphones are pretty good. But I want something better than that for less than Rs. 2000. (Can't increase it)

I don't understand many of the terms audiophiles used to describe the quality of audio equipment so I will try to state my requirements by telling you guys what kind of music I like to listen to.

I like Metal. My favourite genres are thrash and symphonic metal. I want everything in metal music to stand out. They shouldn't just focus on Bass. I want everything balanced. Metal doesn't sound so good on my stock Sony earphones. One of the primary reasons I am choosing to replace them.

Next, I listen to a lot of classical. Indian and western both. The classical music should sound clear and clean. They are quite good on my stock Sony earphones. So I guess I shouldn't expect much better performance from what I am going to buy.

I hardly listen to Pop music of these days. Also very little Hindi music.

I will buy the earphones from flipkart. This very week if I get good recommendations.

EDIT: Will also buy PowerAMP. :D (Do voodoo patches work on Xperia Mini?)
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Get the SoundMagic e30.

That's the best that you can get within 2k.
You may want to spend 290 bucks more and get the Brainwavz M1 from Brainwavz M-1 [M-1] - Rs.2,290.00 : Pristine Note, Shop audio, headphones, amplifier, DAC, hifi, mp3, audiophile products online store India

Either way, you can't go wrong.
And I don't think you shud choose the cx180. Senny's CX series receive a lot of flak for not sounding good.
I haven't seen a CX(cx 280, cx 281, cx 300 also) series getting more than 5.5 out of 10 by joker in his mega review thread. Whereas e30 and M1 are ranked much higher.
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