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My Monster Computer + Gadgets + LED Lights in cabinet [WARNING: 24MB!!]



Whompy Whomperson
But I dont like its palm rest... with my type of usage I guess it will get eroded(?) very easily.... But when I looked at backlight, my reaction: :shock: "Thats amazing!"

And the volume control wheel is also nice...

but I will have to try this one before getting it... Now I am waiting to get pocket money.. :)) :))


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^^what ever you buy just check on the box that the sticker should not contain "imported by Rashi peripherals".
another dist is also there something savex or safex. Their products also go for RMA in Rashi.


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Re: My Monster Computer + Gadgets + LED Lights in cabinet. He [WARNING: 24MB!!]

I have cooler master cabinet name glite 310 my pc conf-i7-2600k,cosair 8gb ram,nvidia gt520 2gb,500 gb hard disk ,gigabyte motherboard and my I want to add led lighting to my cabinet like some has done but with battery I want to do it with power supply please help


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just add a 120MM LED fan at front and rear and have LED lighting with the PSu ... ;-)
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