my data has vaporised!! plzzz help


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i'm running win7 on a laptop. my pen drive (kingston 4 gb, fat32) is not showing some of my folders. when i'm searching for them by name they're there and i can find the files within the folders but not the folders themselves. It is not possible to remember all the filenames and even searching for the exact foldernames is of no use. it is not a virus(as per mcafee n kaspersky) and i've checked for hidden folders but they're just not there. i created the autorun.inf so as to ease the autorun process but that is not the solution either. I need to find these folders asap so please all suggestions are welcome.


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open cmd from run box then

h: (this is your pendrives location

dir/ah (this will give all folder present)

open folders in Windows explorer and safely copy files in them

Format it.


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use some data recovery apps for eg. I use data recovery apps from easeus - scan the pen drive and see if it can show the missing files - try recovering them.


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When I had similar problem.. Recovered .jpg and .mp3 and .doc didnt work and as he said entering path opens files that means files are not yet deleted.
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