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Hi all, when u clicked to view this thread... i suppose u know "something" about music and the softwares related. Well u might be knowing about Karaoke.. ya ya the same old snatching out the vocals from the song... I have tried many such softwares but none of them was upto the mark... If u know any such "snatching out vocals" kinda software... plz name it yaar... or give a link...... Dont tell me about KaraFun and vanBosco.... they're worthless....
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You may not find any such software because simply it is not possible to separate out the vocals and instruments. Even if you find, it will not be upto the mark. I have also tried many such software only to be disappointed.


right said the ramakrishan....... there are many winamp plugins that download the song lyrics automatically and show accordingly to wat is being played......e.g. vivid lyrics , lyricFx etc... but not always up to mark.... most of the time the do play nicely....but in rocks ... there is some inaccuracy
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