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  1. S

    Mke for vocals around 1k

    I need a microphone for recording vocals in my pc.Can you please suggest one around 1-1.5k and where can I buy one online.Thanks
  2. justme101

    Headphones for HTC Explorer..!!

    So a month passes by since i bought my first smartphone but i still couldn't find a good headphone to fit in my phone. Because of the weird 3.5mm jack i cant seem to fit any of my old headphones. I tried all my old headphones (nokia, nokia xpress music, samsung) which i collected from the...
  3. ajayritik

    Music best to listen to in office to avoid noise

    Guys I need suggestions on the kind of music/album that I can listen in office. The primary purpose is to avoid any kind of noise distraction caused by nearby cubicles, chatter etc. So mostly it should be instrumental not having vocals. I tried some hindi instrumental songs but since I...
  4. amitash

    spliting vocals from a music track

    Hey, i regularly need to split vocals from a music track and retain the music track...I have found many softwares that claim to do this but none of them work satisfactorily....Is there anyway to do this? thx.
  5. Psychosocial

    Reviewed :- Metallica's new album (Death Magnetic).

    Decided to review Metallica's new album. I got the album on the next day of its release and I must say that I am pretty much impressed. Some might complain that Metallica has lost their charm but it is not like that. They are still what they were, doing best what they do. The guitars, bass and...
  6. nix

    howto:introduce skips in songs

    i need to remove the words like F*** and S*** in an mp3 file, how do i do it the professional way? all these days i used to cut that portion and it would sound really bad. but the skips in radio are good, only the vocals are removed...not the music. if not that good, atleast suggest something...
  7. jal_desai

    Music Geeks..... It's your test!!!

    Hi all, when u clicked to view this thread... i suppose u know "something" about music and the softwares related. Well u might be knowing about Karaoke.. ya ya the same old snatching out the vocals from the song... I have tried many such softwares but none of them was upto the mark... If u know...
  8. jamyang312

    beats in songs

    get beats without vocals in a song how do i get only the beats without the vocals in a song?
  9. nix

    how to reduce vocals?

    I searched for it on the net and got a few results but none of them did the job well...i 'm looking for a solution to reduce the vocals in a song, not delete them altogether...just the vocals, not anything else...
  10. R

    Editing Songs !

    I want to know the various (effective) ways in which I can remove vocals from an MP3/WAV (any audio) file. I would also like to know whether one can keep vocals and remove music from the audio files ! If yes.....HOW ?
  11. I

    removing vocals from audio

    hi wat according to you is the best FREEWARE software for removing vocals from audio files? i tried a few from google but they dont do such a good job if possible, im looking for totally removing vocals...not even a faint sound should be dere...just the instruments..
  12. club_pranay

    system doing auto Vocal Removing

    my sys.. P4, 2.4Ghz, Kobian 865Gv, 256MB DDR Xp sp2, Winamp 5.05,WMP10, Pover DVD, DVDxPLAYER Pro installed now the problem is whenever i play anything on any player it plays fine but without vocals!! in all the Mp3's, DVD's etc i can hear everything but the vocals.how should i proceed?
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