Msi N560gtx ?

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X6 1055t
Msi 890 gxm-g65
4gb ddr3 corsair
Cooler master elite 460w
Cooler master hyper 212+

Recently got msi 460gtx cyclone 1gb
For 10250.
But before payin for the card, found that the card was faulty so the computer wala gave me a deal. Pay 250 more and get msi 560 gtx 1gb(not the twin frozer)

So needed to know whether should I go for 560 or stick to 460?

Help needed urgent....



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^^ Pay 250 more and get the msi GTX 560 (non-ti) eyes closed. Its a no brainer cause the 560 is much faster than 460 owing to higher clocks. It performs almost equal to a radeon 6870 whereas the gtx 460 CYCLONE performs almost equal to a radeon 6850.

So now you know for which gpu you should go for.

Btw how much are you paying overall for MSI 560?

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hey pals..
needed 2 know,,how much can this baby oc 2....
i have never oc anything...
have installed afterburner......
now need the best settings to whihc this baby can run,,
tried 2 google..but couldnt find anything for this baby...
only twin frozer....
needed help



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^^ you should be able to take this card to 950Mhz~1Ghz ( needs overvolt ) mark and memory to 1200-1250 Mhz ;-)


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Google and are your friends :)

Use Rivatuner and also keep a watch on temp.
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I googled and couldn't find anything specific for my card. As for soft. M usin msi afterburner. But just don't know wots the max voltage that I can keep
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