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MS office problem

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Hi All,
I am unable to attach attachments directly from Acrobat reader/MSEXCEL/MSWORD. I mean in office documents i cannot do 'send as attachment' and send an MS Excel or word file. The error I get is 'general mail failure. Quit MS excel,restart mail system and try again' .

Earlier i was able to send attachments directly from MS excel. now I have to save this file. Go to MS outlook and then send the attachment.

I have MS office 2003 in my office and we use MS outlook as email client. Pls can anyone help.



Check if a dialog box, such as the Select Names dialog box, is open in your mail program when you attempt to send the workbook from Microsoft Excel.
So, before sending the sheet, switch to your mail program and close the dialog box by clicking OK or Cancel.
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