Mouse pointer behaves stupidly @#$%^&

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Hi friends,

I have Windows ME installed both at my office and home and the mouse pointer options are same both at my office and home. ( slider positioned at 6th division and set to high acceleration). My Home PC has got logitech 3 button mouse and my office PC has got nameless 2 button scroll mouse.

While my office PC's mouse pointer behaves ok upon normal use, my home PC's mouse pointer behaves stupidly.!!!!! (ie., the pointer wobbles and goes hayward).

I have tried different settings and I have also cleaned the ball and the rollers of my mouse, changed the mouse pad, etc but to no effect. What needs to be done. Please help me out.


hope it has not fallen on the ground

i have had a similar experience on my Microsoft Intellimouse explorer

the mouse claimes to resist the chock even after falling from couple of metres but i have had a bitter experience

well i guess mebbe some hardware fault with ur mouse

try updating the drivers to solve the prob which i doubt

well mouse are so cheap these days, u can get a good 3 button scroll mouse for 100 Rs

so if everything fails dun hesitate to buy a new one
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