1. Kiran.dks

    Opera Behaves Crazy sometimes!

    I use Opera and IE7 for browsing. Many a times, I have seen that Opera is not that great when it comes to Compatibility with websites. Sometimes it behaves crazy...This time I managed to post it here... Look at the image. The Microsoft website is a mess up! I have refreshed it, but result is...
  2. Official Techie


    i have heard about a software for nokia phones which increases the intensity of the backlight very much such that it behaves like a torch
  3. B

    problem in switching on cpu

    i purchased recently an assembled pc windows xp p4 2.66ghz processor.but often the cpu doesnot start when i switch on.when it starts i can compute withot any problem. i can not figure outwhy the cpu behaves in an erratic manner. will any one come to my rescue and suggest a remedy?smps is not at...
  4. kl_ravi

    Mouse pointer behaves stupidly @#$%^&

    Hi friends, I have Windows ME installed both at my office and home and the mouse pointer options are same both at my office and home. ( slider positioned at 6th division and set to high acceleration). My Home PC has got logitech 3 button mouse and my office PC has got nameless 2 button scroll...
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