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Modem for 24 hrs Net connection

Which type of Modem is better?

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Well guys i took the MTNL's "Telephone line for Internet " Offer.currently hav 33.6kbps modem.Thinkin of buyin 56kbps.What do you guys suggest Internal or External.I am connected to net almost 20hrs a day.


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if you intend to surf the net in Linux, then buying an external modem will be slightly benificial. (there's better hardware support and drivers for external modems in linux)

generally, for net connection, both internal and external modems are equally good for dial-up.
price wise, internal modems are quite cheap as compared to external ones.


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dude u get any modem u`ll get the same speed internal or external well if it suits u internal comes a lot cheaper than external

only thing that is important is buy a v92 modem its new well and a lot much useful and fast u might have v90 but buy v92 it is the best
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