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Modding ASUS MeeGo Netbook


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Modding ASUS MeeGo Netbook .

Two days ago I purchased a ASUS Meego Netbook..just for internet use..But with Atom single core @1.6ghz , 1 GB ram and 250 GB hdd..it was a real poor experience…

But I Modded it, so this is the story..


Good Netbook very thin and light weight..
First Upgrade the RAM.. there you go 2GB 1333. That’s the MAX this net book can handle.

Now let’s see what more can be done..
For that I have to VOID the WARRANTY.
Cool.. Say bye-bye to the warranty seal…

Bought another Corsair F80 SSD for this…

HDD is out..

But what the hell,, this is a Ultra thin HDD… there is no room for SDD to be installed inside the Netbook..

Don’t worry … Say good bye to SSD Warranty..
I am loving it… … to VOID WARRANTY….


Now SSD fits inside the NetBook..
Now question is how netbook will respond to these update… So I have made two videos one of start up and second showing how fast netbook is responding.

Videos ..



I am really happy with the speed ..If I have to scale the overall performance boost for this netbook..i will say 1 for the stock netbook and 10 after the update.. it is now flying in day to day work..like word , excel, internet surfing ..not more than that.

Rakesh Sharma
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WTH!!! voiding warranty just like that. but nice modding. for a second i thought you'll swap the Atom single core with a PineTrail based dual core or even water cool it. should be socket compitable unless of course soldered to the board.


BMG ftw!!
^^ some of your tinypic pictures are being deleted or removed. Please re-up so that others can see all the pics. :)
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