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The UC Browser, 7.4 seems totally a new browser for us. It’s a new player in mobile browser market, competing with Opera Mini, Skyfire and Bolt. Opera mini has its attracting features to me,and so is UC Browser. I like its fast download and powerful settings which I can make the browser fully for my personal habits, such as the power shortcut system, the text space in the pages, content folding … All is for you to set them as you like.

Although there are several functions that I want don’t appear in this version, but I still think it deserves you to have a try.

“As our users are booming all over the world, our servers are managing much more requests than ever before. We have increased our server groups.” The super moderator in UC Forum writes. I have posted in the UC Forum many time referring about visiting problems, finally they heard and add servers for it. Now I feel faster than ever before.

“We also optimized our webpage management technology for better displaying webpages on mobile phones.” the super moderator continues, “in this new version ,we have provided better support of WAP2.0, an advanced standard for mobile sites. More elements in the webpages can be displayed on mobile browser.” I’ve tested for Yahoo and, you can seethe screenshots, I think it’s a real progress for UC Browser.

With this improvement, I can now make the “Adaptive View”, sort of “Mobile View” in Opera Mini, to become my daily browsing choice. In this mode, the internet becomes really mobile for me.

In “Zoom Mode”, webpages are just for 15 inch or bigger computer screens, how could they be good if they are displayed full in a 4.3 inch (even smaller) mobile phone screen? I don’t want to zoom in and out continuously to find the content I am interested.
Try it for a couple of time, and I bet you’ll find it is a nice choice for you as me. I think it is in the same line with Opera Mini now. You can get it from their website or mobile site.
You can find this latest update version from its website or wapsite ATTACHMENTS :
UC Browser 7.4 Symbian V1 English Version.sis
UC Browser 7.4 SymbianV2 English Version.sis
UC Browser 7.4 Symbian V3 English Version.sisx UC Browser 7.4 Symbian V5 English Version.sisx UC Browser 7.4 Java Unsigned English Version.jar UC Browser 7.4 Java Signed English Version.jar UC Browser 7.4 Java Signed English Version.jad
NOTE :- If you can't install, please try Java Unsigned Version, or visit
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