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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Discussion Thread


I am the master of my Fate.

Publisher: Konami
Producer: Hideo Kojima
Platform: XBOX360,PS3,PC
Release Date: (NA) February 19, 2013, (EU) February 22, 2013, (JP) February 21, 2013 (PS3 only)
Genre: Action,Hack and Slash
Mode:Single Player

For the first time we are seeing a Hack & Slash from Metal Gear Series :shock:

and its really awesome

check out the Trailor

Time to celebrate Console gamers :bananana:
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Cyborg Agent
I think my latest purchase (PS3) wont go in vain after all..

I am a make-shift PS3 noob (controller is still on learning phase) gamer (partially) now.

And am still to play GOW3, RDR and then this.. :)


In the zone
Started playing today. The gameplay is freaky fast. Nice addition to hack and slash genre. Will tell later about the story.


Wise Old Owl
does it requires a controller or is keyboard+mouse good enough?

Just like DMC and other hack and slash game , controller is must for this game . But still keyboard + mouse works just fine .

BTW started this game and is indeed very epic . Slicing enemies in 500+ part feel so awesome .
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