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[Query] mdcomputers & primeabgb service

Have anyone bought from these sites?how are there services....
Mdcomputers offer a very good price for every product..have anyone bought from them?
What about service of primeabgb whle buying monitor?Do they replace it if the monitor come with dead pixels?


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Yes, they will.
Both are reputed stores. Many members have already bought from 'em. Another is vedant computers. Their website is under construction now. But to buy any parts do contcat 'em direcly over phone.


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Where are you located? If you are going to buy from any of those shops online, you better contact with them and talk about the dead pixel and the return policy in that possible case.

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oh wow...Xenforo!!!
That depends more on the replacement policy of the company rather than on the retailer- any retailer. Best if you check that first before buying.


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i am in Bhubaneswar,orissa.
can't find a good store locally.Horrible unprofessional staffs.They dont even know about motherboard chipset.They say like give a motherboard for 3rd gen mobo & will hand you a h68 mobo.so no alternative except buying online.so i will talk about them regarding replacement.
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