1. W

    MDcomputers *seems* to be infected by a Card Skimmer script

    Credit: @SaiyanGoku It seems that mdcomputers site has been compromised so don't make any purchase for now from there & change any passoword you used on their site which you also use on other sites because most probably your email & password details along with name/address details are also...
  2. S

    Please help me out whether i should go with this or not with gainward 1070 phoniex

    Today mdcomputers arranged some sale of gtx 10 series cards and i was able to order a GAINWARD GRAPHICS CARD PASCAL SERIES - GTX 1070 8GB GDDR5 PHOENIX EDITION for 27300 rs. i am new to pc and will make a soon. till now i am using a laptop. i have heard many popular brands like msi, asus...
  3. flyingcow

    AMD FX 6300 BE available at MDComputers

    Hey guys I think finally 6300 BE is available in India, I'm not so sure but it is available in MDcomputers for 7.6k. AMD PROCESSOR FX 6300 BLACK EDITION I am quoting the price at May 21, 1:08AM during which discount is available. :)
  4. D

    [Query] mdcomputers & primeabgb service

    Have anyone bought from these sites?how are there services.... Mdcomputers offer a very good price for every product..have anyone bought from them? What about service of primeabgb whle buying monitor?Do they replace it if the monitor come with dead pixels?
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