Max Payne 3


Well technically HBAO offers better depth and image quality than SSAO and is a superior implementation of ambient occlusion. But SSAO takes less performance hit than HBAO but sacrifices a bit on image quality.

Check the following link:

HARDOCP - Battlefield 3 Multiplayer - GALAXY GeForce GTX 680 GC SLI Video Card Review

Let's start at the bottom here, the Radeon HD 7970 CFX setup. In singleplayer it held its own against GTX 680 SLI, giving us a similar experience. However, in multiplayer the tables turned. Radeon HD 7970 CFX suffered the most, and had the most trouble getting performance to maintain an average of 60 FPS with the highest in-game settings. While we were able to use "Ultra" settings, we had to back off of Ambient Occlusion from HBAO to SSAO image quality. On top of that, we had to disable motion blur. By lowering Ambient Occlusion, and motion blur, performance at 5760x1200 with FXAA was now in the sweet spot for multiplayer performance.

HBAO offers slightly better visuals but at the cost of performance. Technically HBAO is superior. Both are dx11 methods of providing depth to a scene.


"Better End Result"=Improved Final Scene Visuals at reasonable performance Hit.

Thats why we over-rate SSAO over HBAO because ,at relatively significant frame drops it causes "in-significant" Visual Enhancement.

I am not denying that HABO provides greater depth if compared side-by-side to SSAO occlusion method.

It(SSAO) is the more preferred Ambient Occlusion method among Game developers because of the reasons stated above.

Even crysis uses SSAO as its Ambient Occlusion Technique and apparently it was developed in the labs of Crytek .

PS.The text in bold is "glitchy".


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Right off the assembly line
Any of you tried this game with HP DV6 6165tx or 6121tx laptop?

How is it running? Can you post your graphics settings?


Right off the assembly line
guys! any one of you tried the game on hp dv6 6165tx or 6121tx?

I wanna buy the game but wanna know how it'll do on my laptop first!!


Around 12/+ hours on Normal, the game is pretty difficult even on that
Will start another play-through on hard some other time.

and why buying after completing the game !! you should have bought earlier :lol:

Well, lets just say, out of respect for the developer :D The game is seriously a work of art.
Games from Valve and Rockstar = Must Buy!!

Gametrailers have got a pretty dumb review of the game. Really people should be happy about the game's difficulty, whereas most of the shooters are dumbed down in that case. They also complain about repetitive enemies, yeah like call of duty has aliens popping to surprise you and that gets a 9+, stupid review. I d suggest people to play the game and decide by themselves. I do have a few complaints like the cut scenes cannot be skipped, and their overlaying effects are slightly distracting, but other than that, its a terrific game. 9.5/10 from me :D
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guys! any one of you tried the game on hp dv6 6165tx or 6121tx?

I wanna buy the game but wanna know how it'll do on my laptop first!!

I have completed 13 chapters of the game on my HP 6121TX, and it works alright. Just keep the MSAA down.
Looking forward to completing this awesome game tonight. :D


Ah crap! I almost forgot to mention the sound track. The one that plays at the end of chapter 14, is BADASS!!! feast your ears :D
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