Marathi to English/ Hindi translation/summary needed !


I have received a letter from one of the govt. office but it is all Marathi !

Can some of you from Maharashtra or linguist fluent in Marathi help me have translation/summary in Hindi or English .

Here is the scanned extract of letter



Broken In
I can help, not very fluent with marathi, but can understand it.

But the scan is not visible here, upload as an attachment or send PM.


The rough (and quick) translation is as follows:

At the request from the requester, as per the Records Dept., following is the information about the businessman of M/s __ Enterprises:

As per the VAT Act the businessman has Sr. No. 4_011/V/0154. And as per Central Sales Tax Act, Sr. No. 400 11/C/257. The given businessman has been issued VAT certificate no. 729036349V from date 1 Apr. 2006 as per the Central Sales Tax Act.

The '_' is used where the text is not clear.
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