1. patkim

    How to type this in Devnagrai - Google Input Marathi

    I have installed Google Input Marathi to type in Devnagri letters on my Windows 7 PC. Good part is that it's phonetic in nature i.e. you type the Marathi/Hindi pronunciation in English and it converts properly. e.g. typing 'helo' converts it to हेलो However I have a tough time getting to type...
  2. Desmond

    Maharashtra govt. warns babus to communicate only in Marathi or face charges.

    One question I ask myself at least once everyday is "Why are there so many retards around?" Source: Department heads issued stricter warnings on Marathi use: Kadam - The Times of India
  3. eagle_y2j

    Marathi to English/ Hindi translation/summary needed !

    I have received a letter from one of the govt. office but it is all Marathi ! Can some of you from Maharashtra or linguist fluent in Marathi help me have translation/summary in Hindi or English . Here is the scanned extract of letter TIA
  4. D

    Unable to install Marathi Language Pack

    I just upgraded my OS to Windows Xp Sp3. Before that everything was fine on Win XP SP2. I use Marathi IME to type in Devnagri (Unicode). But now when I installed Win XP Sp3, I am unable to install Marathi Language Pack. I installed the language pack and IME. Marathi isn't listed in the...
  5. M

    Mtnl iptv or airtel dth?

    Hey guys im fed up with my hathway cable connection . I need new connection . My needs are maximum no of channels,especialy marathi channels like zee marathi,etv marathi ,neo sport,10sports,etc. Good aftersales service . Does dth quality suffer in bad weathers? Thanx.
  6. D

    Unable to open 1 site in IE7 and Firefox..??

    I am unable to open (A leading marathi newspaper website) in both IE7 and firefox. Else all websites open and displays well.. I also installed the marathi font to view this site. Whenever I open this site in IE it hangs up.. What is the problem..??
  7. praka123

    After Raj, Uddhav Thackeray hits out at 'outsiders'

    MUMBAI: In a sign that Shiv Sena is worried over its former leader Raj Thackeray 'hijacking' its 'Marathi pride' plank, Sena executive president Uddhav Thackeray has warned that his party will not tolerate workers 'brought from outside' for modernisation of Mumbai airport. "There are...
  8. kjuvale

    wordpress in marathi?

    hi, i want to start wordpress blog wih marathi language. is there any way ( language pack) for marathi (devnagri) in wordpress. please tell if any such blog system is available with marathi language. I thing its possible because i have seen blogs like-
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