1. T!M3

    Is Lenova ideapad y500 worth buying?

    I just got into PC gaming so I don't know much about PCs and due to various circumstances I have to go for a laptop. My budget is 70k and I can stretch it to 75k max. My primary needs are gaming and random stuff for collage. Also if you think there is a better laptop at same money range please...
  2. Ayuclack

    New Laptop For Collage

    New Laptop For College As the Title Says Need A Laptop For College and I am Confused what type to get Ultrabook or Powerhouse Machine !! Any Collage Guys Please Help... 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 80K-90K 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15"...
  3. MetalheadGautham

    Law as a career - Need Information

    I am appearing for the CLAT examination this year on May 17th for entrance to law universities. Law is my backup option, if I don't make it to a good engineering collage. Can somebody please tell me what scope does Law have as a career option ? I am more inclined towards corporate law than a...
  4. R

    How often u use wifi

    Is it a really a imp feature in India????? Do u really need it when u r goin 2 collage??
  5. T

    making a collage using gimp??

    i am using gimp on my ubuntu 8.04 and for a presentation that i have to make i need to make a collage of 3 pictures which i wanna merge together to create one image. the actual case is that the presentation is on transport so i have a pic of a train,bus and plane i need to merge alll in...
  6. abhi.eternal

    My new music collage wallpapers. Check 'em out!!

    Well, I had nothing to do, so I thought of Googling different artists pics. Then I thought of making a collage out of them. You can check out the wallpapers as my deviations. Here are the direct links: For normal screens. Click here for HD quality. For wide-screens. Click here for HD quality...
  7. rosemolr

    want to chat in our lab through lan

    hey anyone please help me wit some small v.b or dos programs to chat in our collage computer lab.we are feeling very bore in those advance
  8. S

    Updating NOD32 offline

    I dont use internet at home. I download Norton Virus updates at collage lab. But have no idea how can the same be done with NOD32. Plesae help.
  9. linardni

    Collage kaise banate hai?

    Do u have the idea, how to make collage with several photos?
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