Macromedia Flash Player 8 Beta for Windows (IE & AOL)

Discussion in 'Software Q&A' started by rajat22, Jul 13, 2005.

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    Macromedia Flash Player 8 Beta for Windows (IE & AOL)

    Macromedia Flash Player - The universal rich client for delivering

    effective experiences. Lets you view the best animation and

    entertainment on the Web. It displays Web application front-ends,

    high-impact Web site user interfaces, interactive online advertising,

    and short-form to long-form animation. Since it is free of the design

    restrictions of more traditional Web display options, you can use it

    to clearly and exactly express your brand and company identity.

    This Public Beta is a pre-release version of the next major release of

    Flash Player. It is being made available for developers and consumers

    to test their content to ensure existing content plays back correctly

    and that there are no compatibility issues.

    The purpose of this beta is to gather your feedback so that Macromedia

    can verify that:
    · The new Macromedia Flash Player is compatible with existing content.
    · Developers have an opportunity to test their content and

    applications prior to the product release to help identify bugs on a

    variety of machines and configurations.
    · New installation mechanisms provide a smooth end-user installation


    Homepage -

    Size: 4.07 MB

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    Yeah THE FLASH (marvel or d.c.)

    i dont see why they bring out updates and updates.
    ps. in this month's digit something weird happened
    i've flash MX (not 2004) so i thought i could try the update they gave,
    but the update works as a complete different software and asks for a trial or register method 1st time ,.... 2nd time its simply licensed , can ny 1 tll me hw?????????? :shock: (i reassure i didnt crack it)
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