Mac OS on my Compaq??

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guys, I hav a compaq v3225 laptop with AMD Turin 64 processor, 512 mb ram, nVidia nforce chipset, geforce 6150 graphics card...
can i install mac on my notebook??
just for the fun of it...
any one who has done this before?

or should i post the query somewhere else??


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possible.but illegal to discuss here.y dont u try linux ubuntu which can be made to look and function as in mac os x


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Installing Mac OS on non-apple hardware is illegal. Any further discussion or help on that will be removed. And offenders are likely to get a ban.


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I know most people in India, including me, don't give a **** about its illegality and about software piracy so I don't expect you to either.

However, I do want to caution you that Mac OS X is designed only to run on Macs. It does not have the device drivers for any other hardware components apart from the ones which Macs ship with. Even if you do manage to install Mac OS X, which is no easy feat on a non-Mac computer, your experience using it will be fraught with various driver issues and such. It will be crash-prone and slow and there will be a lot of incompatibilities. Basically, it won't be much better than what you are used to with Windows.

So why bother! If you really want to try out a Mac, go to any Apple Authorised Reseller and you can use the Macs on display for as long as you wish to. No one will stare at you and you won't feel unwelcome. Give it a try. :)
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