Lower clocked processor with (sata+ssd)hdd or higher clocked processor with sata hdd?


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Hi guys,

In my search for 3rd gen processor power laptops I have observed that most manufacturers provide a lower clocked CPU (3rd Gen Ci5 3317, 1.8 - 2.5 Ghz) with a HDD mix of SATA and SSD or a higher clocked CPU (3rd Gen Ci5 3210, 2.5-3.1 Ghz) with normal SATA. Which config is better in terms of performance??


SSD's can be added in after buying... go for the best gpu, cpu and screen you can buy. forget about the rest of the stuff.


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I will be using it mainly for programming and occasional gaming

Does it work in every case or any specific motherboard is required? Also will it need a bios update or any update in the OS?

Go for normal CPU.

Yes it works in every case with no need to update BIOS.


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Thanks @Sam and @dashing.sujay for your valuable suggestions...I have chosen Dell Inspiron 15R Turbo Basic model...What are your views regarding this?? I find it an allrounder.
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