lite-on dvdrom/cd writer combo drive problem

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Hai ,
I have the hp pavilion a1020in desktop pc.It came with the lite-on combo sohc 4832k dvdrom/cd writer combo drive.The drive was working great until yesterday when it did not recognise does not autoplay .When i try to right click and open it shows a blank window (no files or folders),but it can read and write cds.What could be the problem?Please help.


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The Rom Lens is becoming weak so it is not able to read the dvd which are a bit scratched or having minor problems.


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Looks like too many people are having problems with DVD writers and Media. I remember the times when floppy drives and disks were quite reliable.With mass production, widespread usage and cheaper prices they became so unreliable that even after just a first write the floppies gave up. I am afraid that we are heading to the same situation in respect of DVD writers and media.The products are becoming more and more unreliable.Is this technological advancement? I wonder! Nowadays I am ever under tension as to whether my DVD writings will go through successfully.
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