Legend Never Ends


Well to start with there is no Specific story. The game starts in a Black & White 2D Environment with a Boy(The Protagonist of this game) "waking" up suddenly in the Middle of the Forest. No objective shown clearly. So there is nothing much to get us started with.

We basically have to make our way to wave after wave of various Obstacles and Puzzles(some of which literally gave me a really bad Head-ache)


The Gameplay and controls of this game are pretty basic. We just have a total of 5 buttons to worry about. The Direction and the [Ctrl] button that enables us to Push or Pull various objects.

One thing has to be said though there are various places of the game where we have to do a "Trail by Death" sort of thing. Trying out various things to get through the obstacles. We are made into a Cocoon by a Giant Spider(this one is really HUGE)


Cut off by saw blades, fall huge heights to a splattery death, Hit by a automated Machine guns(as shown in following screenshot)


By the Time we solve the various Puzzles, go through changing Landscapes from a Forest to the iconic place with the "Hotel Sign"


To a Factory before finally reaching our Goal(won't reveal it as it will spoil the game experience as you play.

There is a gradual increase in the difficulty of the Puzzles. In no point of the game you will feel that the game suddenly got very difficult and you are not able to progress further. Provided we use each and every product in game properly we should go through. There is no item given in the game that goes in Vain. We have to use each and everything.

When you do complete the game, you well be not only left with a deep sense of self satisfaction but also with a need to Introspect. You will need to think about what the game really is and what the game really wants to convey to you.


To sum it up in one word- "Brilliant". Yes. This is not the traditional game that you will play. The Devs manage to keep a errie-dark Atmosphere with a great Soundtrack. Soundtracks in the game are minimal. But when the do come in is really astonishing.
The Dark atmosphere with good backgrounds(after all it is a 2D game) will keep the gamer engaged. Average playtime is around 4 to 6 hours(although it took me longer as I lingered around some puzzles not being able to spot easiest of solutions)
The game is completely worth its $9.99 price :cool: :-D

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Nice! I have this on my play list.. for quite a while now! :p
Thanks for the review. :)


Legend Never Ends
Thanks everyone :)

and yes, anyone who suffers from Amnesia will be in a bad condition for first part of the game :p


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Nice Review...finished this long ago
u only need 4hrs of time to complete this game....but play it open-minded


Legend Never Ends
Good Review.
Have to finish it :) some tricky puzzles dragging time :D
Nice Review...finished this long ago
u only need 4hrs of time to complete this game....but play it open-minded
Thanks! I was bit too open minded and spent a lot lot more time just lingering around :p

Nice review b00t ;)

^ ttf is not teh b00t. :/

Then who is ?



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One awesome game that kept me glued for what, like 6 hours straight. I was too engaged to leave this marvellous 2D game to even bath on a Saturday. Some levels are insanely brilliant and will require out of the box thinking.

Heartfully recommended game, must play! 10/10
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