LG's KG-920 with 5 MegaPxl for 13K

Would you buy it?

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  • Five-megapixel CCD lens
  • Auto-focus and Xenon strobe flas
  • 180° swivel lens
  • Java
  • GPRS
  • Video Recording
  • MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC++, WMA
  • Bluetooth, USB
  • Internal 128MB
  • miniSD (256MB card supplied)
  • Email client POP3, SMTP, IMAP4
  • Ringtones Polyphonic, MP3
  • Internet browser WAP, HTML
  • Frequency Tri-band ( not 3G )
  • Games Sudoku, SpaceBall
  • Talktime 3 hours talk time
  • Standby 7.5 days

Purely as a camera, the KG920 takes the best photos we’ve seen on a mobile phone.Like with the Sony Ericsson K800i, we were disappointed to see an optical zoom missing in action. For such a powerful camera phone we were expecting, nay, demanding this feature. -3G.CO.UK



Priced @ 13,000 INR (!). It's definately worth a buy for this kind of money. Although the keypad placement looks odd. Any1 used this?
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Looks damn good but the keypad looks weird. What about the OS? Is it symbian or is it proprietary OS? If it's proprietary, how is application support and availability?

How is the stability and what about battery backup? 5mp cam could run out the battery pretty fast.


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This was the first 5 megapixel camera phone on the market and now the cheapest. Camera performance is nowhere near that of N95 or Samsung G600. The phone is also very thick and bulky. They keypad isn't very good either. GSMArena had reviewed this phone long ago so you can read it. But remember that review is quite old and many things have changed now. Also phones like N95 weren't launched then. However for 13k its not bad at all. Where did you get this price?
The price is from a local LG dealer.
The cell could've been a "hit" if lauched at it's original lauch date worldwide. That's why these companies lag behind :|


respect mah authoritah!!
it is available i saw it in rpg cellucom(sahara mall) gurgaon
but it really looks ugly


lets get compared

its better to take SE instead of LG [only for 13K]


thanks for the info @ W i d e S c r e e N :)

LG KG920 vs. SE K800 vs. Nokia N73


Sony Ericsson K800 wins by a small margin here. Nokia N73 is a smartphone and is expected to be slower, but in reality is not much slower than K800 in both focusing and saving times. The auto focus reliability is very high on both 3 megapixel cameras. LG KG920 disappointed us in this aspect. Yes, it should process a lot more data, as it works with larger photos, but the saving time was just too long. The auto focus is not that reliable as in the 3 megapixel photo mobiles and the shutter works somewhat strange - it you full-press from the beginning, you might not be able to take the photo. We should also note that the shot-to-shot time of KG920 is more than 10 seconds.

As we expected, in almost all of the test LG K920 showed better ability to resolve detail than it's 3 megapixel rivals. No surprises here. It also showed amazing macro capabilities and better dynamic range. What stops us from highly recommending it is the really slow performance and the yellowish tint on auto white balance outdoors. As for the Sony Ericsson K800 and Nokia N73 - they are equally good photo devices, but tuned differently. It's just a matter of preference - if you like your photos with more "wow" factor and never plan to edit them later, then your safe bet is Nokia N73. Otherwise, if you want your photos as accurate as possible and preserving as much detail for further editing, then you should go with Sony Ericsson K800.


i will never rely on lg.......providing 5mega pixels doesn't means to get it....no 3g and advanced features...sound quality ..how it is ?

nevr will go with it..never !

see whats written on top "5 megapixel camera phone" lol !!!!!
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