1. S

    Lenovo A6000 Flash Sale

    Was waiting for the sale to start since half an hour. But as soon as the countdown ended the phone was out of stock. Could anyone confirm who got to order the phone. First the Big Billion sale and now this.Really Disappointed in flipkart.:-x
  2. flyingcow

    GTA 5 preload gets leaked, R* disappointed

    A few days earlier a preload of GTA 5 was available from ps store EU, hackers have leaked some contents including loading screens and music. Sony apologized R* and r* said its deeply disappointed. Source- [Liveblog] Hackers well underway in cracking Grand Theft Auto V preload archives to...
  3. I

    "Gentleman's" guide of posting in this section? Really?

    Way to be sexist. Way to attract female audience. Of course gamers are all men! I've some nerve stepping in here as a woman! Although I wonder why I expected anything else...our society is god awfully sexist, why would this be any different? I must say though I'm extremely disappointed in the...
  4. W

    LG's KG-920 with 5 MegaPxl for 13K

    Five-megapixel CCD lensAuto-focus and Xenon strobe flas 180° swivel lens Java GPRS Video Recording MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC++, WMA Bluetooth, USB Internal 128MB miniSD (256MB card supplied) SMS, EMS, MMS Email client POP3, SMTP, IMAP4 Ringtones Polyphonic, MP3 Internet browser WAP, HTML...
  5. bikdel

    when will the LGA 775 processor lineup be dropped?

    when is intel going to advance its processors to a new SOCKET... i was disappointed at how quickly the socket 478 got displaced....... anyways when will probably new sockets come up??
  6. plsoft

    Why not in a single DVD?

    This month i got the fedora core 5 64 bit which came with a magazine. Was really exited but when i saw the the 6 iso files to be burnt, was really disappointed. Why don't they just make it a single dvd iso file when the number of cd's exceed 2? Its a problem of both cd cost n storage, really...
  7. sujeet2555

    nvdia geforce 4 mx

    i have a nvdia4 mx-4000 card.when i installed brothers in arms ,it installed succesfully,but when i run the game screen goes black but the menu sound plays.when i checked the requirements it says mx cards are not supported.i was disappointed very much why i had puchased that card :cry: .is there...
  8. Arsenal_Gunners

    GTA : SA my Review..

    san andreas HEY you. What about san andreas? ign.com has given the pc version 9.3 which disappointed me,When it will be available in our GREAT NATION?any ideas.
  9. kunwar

    which is the best value4money graphiccard available in india

    i am very disappointed to see poor value 4 money
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