1. harshilsharma63

    Need Camera Purchase Advise

    Hi all. I'll finally be purchasing a camera around diwali. I need advice on which one to go for. I have a budget of 35k (+2/3k if its worth it) including the body and lens. I mostly do landscape and architecture shots, but that's not I limit myself to. I like to try out street, portraits, etc...
  2. mikael_schiffer

    NEED > Point and Shoot like Sony RX100, but $cheaper$ and higher zoo0Om.

    Budget is around Rs20,000 - Rs25,000. The RX100 1st gen is around Rs27,000 now. Its a great cam for sure but the Zoom is pretty underwhelming. We were going for the Sony HX60V with 30x Zoom (Rs21,000) but found out the camera lens is pretty puny, like smartphone lens. Now...if someone is...
  3. R

    Asus zenfone 2 - Powerful midranger Announced

    Zenfone 2 specs - 64 bit Lte Quad core 1.8ghz Intel Atom Z3560 Powervr G6430 Gpu 2gb ram 5.5 inch 1080p 13 Mp f2.0 camera with dual-LED flash (great low light performance ) 5 mp secondary 16gb internal + expandable Android 5.0 dual sim dual active 3000mah battery the intel chip in this phone...
  4. Inceptionist

    Why digit wants to ruin our eyes?

    When the zoom is 150%, the images and videos look ugly and when zoom is 100% the text is too small.
  5. D

    Super Zoom at <25K with good 1080 video capability? Canon SX50/P520 / Pany FZ70K..?

    Hey All, Good Evening! Happy to be on board of tech-forum of India :) Have been a silent browser here. --- For some time -we were looking at a decent "quick-draw" digital camera focused on video making- mostly for youtube/vlogging. It has to be a digital camera (and not a camcorder)...
  6. S

    Best Super Zoom Camera under14K Urgent!!!

    I need a point and shoot with high optical zoom (>=20x) and good image quality under low light. Please suggest some good cameras in my budget.
  7. ayush_chh

    Telephoto Zoom Lens Suggestions!

    Guys, I am planning to buy a Telephoto Zoom Lens. Very tight on Budget hence narrowed down to below two.. 1) Tamron AF 70-300 mm F/4-5.6 Di LD Macro Lens (Model-A17) 2) Nikon AF-S DX VR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED I will be using this for Candid, Portrait and Landscapes mostly.I wanted to go...
  8. D

    Suggestions for buying Point and Shoot camera in 14-16K range

    What's your budget? Rs 14K-16K Camera type? Point and Shoot/Superzoom Body Style? Compact How much zoom do you want/expect? More than 15x optical zoom. Do you care for manual exposure controls? Yes I would love to have it but its not a compulsory need What will you be...
  9. J

    Nokia zoom agent contest

    Hi, Anyone knows nokia zoom agent first stage answers?? 5 ITEMS THROUGH WHICH THE VICTIM COULD HAVE BEEN POISONED *www.nokiaindiadigital.com/nokiazoomagent/zoom-page.php?zone=4
  10. G

    Good Camera( Point and Shoot) Under Rs.10,000

    What's your budget? Rs 10,000 Camera type? Point and Shoot Body Style? Compact How much zoom do you want/expect? more than 10x or 15x optical zoom. Do you care for manual exposure controls? yes but not necessary What will you be shooting with this camera? Nature Photography and Family...
  11. savvy

    Best Pocketable P&S Camera Around Rs. 12000

    What's your budget? Around Rs. 12000 Camera type? Point & Shoot Body Style? Compact zoom, Travel megazoom (Should be pocketable. I previously owned a bridge camera and now want to keep away from the hassles of carrying it) :oops: How much zoom do you want/expect? Atleast 10x; the...
  12. s18000rpm

    Opera 15 released

    Download: Opera browser - The alternative web browser - Download free What is new in Opera 15? An enhanced Speed Dial helps you organize your most viewed sites. Stash saves pages for reading at a later time. Discover recommends headlines you might like. Off-Road mode compresses data to speed...
  13. K

    Camera for 8k- An upgrade from basic point and shoots.

    Hey all...;) Finally decided to upgrade from my el cheapo Fujifilm AX500. Requirements are as follows: 1. Atleast 10X optical zoom. 2. HD video recording. 3. Good image quality in good lighting conditions. Don't really care much about low light performance indoors. Will mostly be used to...
  14. Champ

    Suggestions required for a travel zoom

    Hi Guys, Looking to buy a point and shoot with decent zoom and manual controls Plan to use it for next 2-3 years for trip pictures and occasional videos. Just to give context, I already owe a D5100 since 2 years, although photography has taken a real hit in past 1 year due to busy schedule but...
  15. ZTR

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom official with 10x zoom, Android 4.2

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom official with 10x zoom, Android 4.2 - GSMArena.com news[/FONT][/COLOR] [/LIST]
  16. B

    Which will be the best camera Sony , Canon or Nikon , I Wanna buy One

    I want to buy a Digital Camera for my Father , i have heard that Nikon and Canon are the best in the class, with Sony catching up on a steady pace , recently Sony Launched it 700 Series of CyberShot Cameras , i am very much impressed by the price it is offering for the DSC W710 and DSC W730...
  17. sunil.001

    Best Zoom camera within 15K

    I want buy a zoom camera within 15K before monsoon. I've zeroed on the following models Nikon Coolpix L820 (for CMOS Sensor, 1cm Macro Mode n 30x Optical zoom but few reviews on net) Canon SX260 (excellent reviews, CMOS sensor) Sony H200 (Good specs on paper but few reviews on internet)...
  18. R

    Is Nikon P510 a good buy? or Please suggest alternatives..

    Hi, I am currently using cannon Sx100IS (8MP and 10X optical zoom).Nice camera..I like the optical zoom feature of this camera but its more than 5yrs old so time for an upgrade. I am attracted towards this camera for the 42X optical zoom feature but at the same time picture quality is very...
  19. A

    Choosing a digital camera ?

    Hi Friends Recently I went to a sony showroom, and cheked out some digicams. I'm really confused which one to buy among the three 1. Sony Cybershot DSC 690, G Lens, 10x zoom, price:9k 2. Sony Cybershot w730, Carl Zeiss Lens, 8x zoom, price:8k 3. Sony Cybershot h100, Sony Lens, 21x zoom...
  20. D

    Upgrade from P&S to DSLR?

    I want to buy a camera with high optical zoom. Now i am confused either to buy a better P&S or an entry level DSLR i already have a Canon A3200IS which i bought with the help of your suggestions in this forum, but it has the low zoom and high delay time for multiple shots restiction. Now i am...
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