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Hey guys , My friend is going 2 buy an Lg L9...He is willing 2 buy online...Can u provide some links with some coupons or something so that he can buy it around rs 15.5k or lower... Thanks in advance....How is home shop 18...Heard that they r giving out old stock//


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wait for it to reappear on HomeShop 18's superdeals. Most of the members received their L9 from superdeals for less than 15k.


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just wait for a week..it will appear again...i waited for 15 days and Believe me, it's worth...:)


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Hey I bought it off Indiatimes for Rs. 15036/- few days back with a discount coupon...However the shipping time is longer I ordered on 14th and my expected delivery is on 28th March.
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