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Letsbuy 10% discount on orders worth <3700

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What is the offer?
You can buy anything from letsbuy under 3700 bucks and I will give a 10% discount on the purchase. If you have a letsbuy coupon then you can add it too and then I will give 10% discount on the discounted price. Works for some other websites too, list below.

So basically you get , letsbuy discount + my 10% discount

For example if you want to buy the
"Razer Cyclosa Bundle" MRP:2900/- >>> Letsbuy price: 2200/- >>> After LBSALE 5% discount: 2090/- (this price will be on the invoice) >>> After my discount: Rs. 1850 (rounded) You save: Rs.240 + 109(LBSALE)

How? Why?
I am using accumulated points which entitle me for the purchase on letsbuy. Since I have nothing to purchase as of now, I am trying to encash them.

PS Vita funding and recent splurges

Where is it shipped from?
Directly from letsbuy. I will be giving your address and phone number for shipment.

How is the payment to be made?
NEFT to my HDFC account.
If you are from Bangalore, then we can make a in-person transaction, around Whitefield area

Proof of purchase?
~I will give you a screen cap upload of the successful purchase transaction.
~Also you will get the order number through which you can contact letsbuy and confirm whether the order and shipping address match.
~I will also forward you the e-mail of the transaction confirmation.

What can you buy?
Anything from
Online Shopping - Buy Mobile Phones, Cameras, Laptops @ Lowest Price - Letsbuy.com ,
Online Shopping - Buy Mobiles, Cameras, Computers, Fashion & Accessories at Lowest Price in India - Koovs.com ,
FutureBazaar.com - Online shopping deals in Laptops, Mobiles Phones, Computers and Electronics ,
Sports Goods, Shoes, T-shirts, Fitness Equipment | Buy Sporting Goods | PlayGroundOnline
that is worth less than 3700 after discount.

Payment has to be made first. (some might be excepted)
I will order the product within 1 hour of confirmation of money transfer (after 5pm and weekdays)

You: Select a product from any of the websites mentioned worth less than Rs.3700/- and send me the link
You: Add discount coupon if any and copy the price now. Use calculator to subtract 10% from that discounted amount. This double discounted price is what you have to pay.
Me: I will apply the (free) coupon you are interested in using and order your product. I will take a screen cap and give you the order number.

Once again price you have to pay:
Apply letsbuy coupon (5%, 10% etc whatever you find)
Remove 10% from final price after coupon = price you pay

P - 5%P - 10%(P - 5P%) = Price you pay

P= price of product displayed on letsbuy
5%P= current discount with LBSALE coupon. If you find better coupon then substitute that here.
10%(P-5P%) = Discount I am offering from my side

Example: For a product worth 100 bucks
100 - 5 = 95 letsbuy price
95 - 10% = 85
So you pay 85 bucks for a 100 rupees listed product

Good for games, accessories, Soundmagic earphones, memory cards, etc

I might withdraw the offer under one condition:
Letsbuy puts up Rayman Rush (Vita game) for sale or lists Vita accessories especially the memory cards Gravity Rush Vita game

PM me if interested

Also post here for open discussion in case of general queries.


Letsbuy: Discount is not available on all items anymore. Only some LBSALE 5% off can be applicable only on these > http://www.letsbuy.com/clearancesale
but this is much better deal > Online Shopping - Buy Mobile Phones, Cameras, Laptops @ Lowest Price - Letsbuy.com

futurebazaar: You get 5% discount on all items. If you have better coupon then even better.

Koovs: I have a 50 off 150 coupon valid till 28th feb which I will give you.


Don't get confused. Above mentioned all are site discounts.

I will give 10% off separately from my side.

To put it simply: You will only have to pay 10% less than the actual "billed" amount on the invoice


20% discount now

I no longer need cash so closing this down. :)

BTW as a parting offer I am offering anyone 200 bucks off on 1000. A 20% discount since I am a little happy today ;)

Valid only for today and conditionally tomorrow.

Not anymore :) - 29.2.2012


Hey please PM me the coupon

I want to buy few things from letsbuy.
Can you give me 2 coupons of letsbuy.
Will be really thankful to you for that


I don't have any coupons. Sorry.

Letsbuy stopped issuing new coupons and disabled old ones. The freecharge ones were the last ones and they too died in Jan.

This is not a coupon sale thread. Selling coupons is not allowed in this or any other forum.


Please close the thread.

@pulkitpopli2004: We can still continue our deal.

I'm not taking any new deals.

Letsbuy Vita listed :D

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