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Rashi peripherals selling XFX 6600Gt for just under 15k in Bangalore. Man these guys are totally ripping us off here in Bangalore. :(


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ur true

borg said:
Rashi peripherals selling XFX 6600Gt for just under 15k in Bangalore. Man these guys are totally ripping us off here in Bangalore. :(
well its true man..blore is one of the most highly taxed place.everything is taxed,especially IT products..the only golden goose which lays golden eggs for India's silicon cityis slowly strangles by the govt here.wat to do.if ur from blore,hav u checkd prices from SP road hardware shops....


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I think we Bangaloreans are not supposed to play Doom 3. I called up Texonic instruments, who are the official dealers of Gigabyte Graphics card in bangalore. He quoted a price of Rs. 9500/- pus taxes for a 9600pro . What the hell man???? :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

The prices here are almost RS. 1000/- to 2000 more than the rest of the country. I am slowly thinking of giving up my plans to buy a graphics card. Who the hell wants to pay such exhorbitant prices for such things???. My PS2 rules. Will take Doom 3 & shove it up Id software's ***

Also please tell me hows chennai?. Is it taxed too. I don't mind going to chennai buying everything & comming back. I think even if I add the travel costs, I will still save some money.


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what's the cost of a ASUS RADEON 9600XT VIVO. Rptech ppl don't sell radeon based asus gfx cards. now what the hell is this???? :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
can anybody tell me where to contact 4 these cards.


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Yeah man, I also called them & asked for the Asus 9600 & the guy told me that it hasn't landed in india yet !!!!. Oh my God, in this age of 6800s we still have to wait for the lowly 9600 to arrive. What the hell!!!.

Someone here knows how to make RDX or something????. I'm getting angry thoughts here. :evil: :evil: :evil:


i can help u there

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Ceramic or glass dish
Heat source
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borg said:
Yeah man, I also called them & asked for the Asus 9600 & the guy told me that it hasn't landed in india yet !!!!. Oh my God, in this age of 6800s we still have to wait for the lowly 9600 to arrive. What the hell!!!.

Someone here knows how to make RDX or something????. I'm getting angry thoughts here. :evil: :evil: :evil:

These ppl r mad. Can u expect a previous generation mainstream card not b available even in metros??? :evil: :evil:
these s**t just can't do anything expect smiling on u :evil: :evil:


hey 4 da really angry ones,.. the recipie 4 RDX works..

btw. therezz nothin we can do abt stop rantin n ask a frnd 2 get it fm sing,canada,malasia


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called up the 2 no.s supersaiyan gave . the rptech guy , gave me another no of some Mr Saini B10 Meghdoot Bulding , NP (mob-9891349134) , 4 amd prices .
here r the prices was told ( didnt do no bargaining )

Power color x800xt PCI-E – 32,500
amd 64 ( 939 ) 3000+ - 8,500
.................... 3200+ - 12,500
.................... 3500+ - 14,500
asus a8n SLI dx - 17,600

heard some1 say the asus was 4 somethin around 12k

the mediatech guy said there was some chinese new year goin on ( till 18th feb ) so the gaiward production was stalled n there was no 6800gt in stock . would b available in march begining .


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r there ne ANTEC stores in delhi ?? they dont mention in ne of there ads n when i contacted them through mail , they replid with a silly ' get back 2 u ' msg .

newayz , how much does a Super LanBoy n a True Power 480 watt cost ??


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can anybody tell me the price of powercolor radeon 9600XT VIVO???
does 6600GT has VIVO??
which is a better deal??


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me thinkz u should go 4 a 6600gt , VIVO or no VIVO
scored round 8400 in 3dmark 03 , vereas a 9800XT which manages only say , 5500 - 6000 , n v havnt even talked bout the 9600 . even the x600xt (against which itz pitted) , scored round 4300 . (Jan CHIP)

newayz tis ur money , n u the best judge


I bought the following...

:arrow: AMD ATHLON 64 2800+
:arrow: w/ MSI K8N Neo Platinum Board (NForce3 250GB Chipset)

:idea: for Rs 13,500/- . these are Nehru Place, Delhi prices


:arrow: 512 MB DDR400 Kingston for Rs 4,050/-

The motherboard is actually a little expensive as compared to ASUS K8V. but it (ASUS K8V) was not available and the urge to get a new system got the better of me.


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[flAsh said:
]can anybody tell me the price of powercolor radeon 9600XT VIVO???
does 6600GT has VIVO??
which is a better deal??

The 6600GT is definately a better buy, a much faster card, but it is also costlier by about 3k, here is the rate for the PowerColor Radeon 9600XT 256 MB DDR DVI VIVO --- Rs. 11,900.
About the 6600GT offering VIVO, Check out the first model of the Gigabyte 6600GT series which supports VIVO function, here check this out - *
Even MSI have a 6600GT model which supports the VIVO function.


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ITS PCI-E and I need a AGP solution, HOW is CLUB 3D XGI Volari V8 ULTRA DUO. my vendor is selling it (it's second hand but doen't looks old from any angle) it has all of its bundle infact even the CLUB 3D sticker. he is selling it in Rs.2500 after a lot of negotiations.


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Forget any thoughts about buying the XGI V8, in today's graphics card industry there are only two companies you can trust for reliability and performance them being ATi and Nvidia. Though the dealer is ready to sell it to you for only 2.5k, I am sure you won't like the performance, technical support will be very hard to come-by, the card's drivers will be very immature and unreliable, plus since it is second hand you won't get a warranty.

Now coming back to the 6600GT, if you want a AGP solution with VIVO, you can get the Gainward 6600GT - *

The MSI GeForce 6600GT AGP also has VIVO support. The model number being NX6600GT-VTD128.

The rates for the 6600GT AGP from XFX have come down btw, the 6600GT AGP now costs about 12.3k, I am unaware as to whether it has VIVO support.


Graphics Card Prices

The following are the graphics cards with their prices. (NOTE: Prices are of Mysore).

1) XFX 5700LE 128MB 128-bit : Rs. 5900/-
2) XFX 5700LE 256MB 128-bit : Rs. 7200/-
3) XFX 5700ULTRA 128 MB VIVO : Rs. 13500/-
4) 5500 256MB : Rs. 5900/-
5) FX6600 256MB : Rs. 13500/-

6) ATI Raedon 9200SP 128 MB : Rs. 3600/-
7) 9600 non pro 128MB : Rs. 5500/-
8) 9550 256MB : Rs. 7900/-
9) 9600pro 256 MB : Rs. 10500/-
10) 9600 XT 256MB VIVO : Rs. 16000/-

My budget is around 7k so i am thinking of buying 5700LE 256MB. I would like to go for 9600pro but is simply too colstly in Karnataka. Which graphics card other than 5700LE would you guys suggest for my budget? Also are the prices quoted above reasonable? :)
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